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Curriculum: Early Years Foundation Stage - Phonics in EYFS and KS1
For more information about our curriculum, please contact the school or see the classteacher.
Phonics in EYFS and Key Stage 1
In EYFS and Key Stage 1 phonics is taught daily and in discrete lessons. Children are grouped according to the phase they are working at. Phonic sessions are always fun, fast paced and interactive.

We use letters and sounds to teach children about the different sounds and the letters, or combination of letters that represent the sounds. This plays a vital role in developing early reading and writing skills. Children learn how to blend sounds together to read a word e.g. c-a-t becomes 'cat'. Children also learn how to segment a word into different sounds to spell it e.g. 'dog' is d-o-g.

The children will progress through 6 phases of phonics learning, from learning how one letter can represent one sound to more complex spelling patterns. Throughout EYFS and Key stage 1 we constantly encourage children to draw on this knowledge when helping them to read words in books or when spelling.

How to support phonics at home
Encourage your child to learn these sounds and practise using them whilst reading with you at home.

Please click on the links below to hear the sounds and see the letter that represents the sounds in each phase:
Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3
This phase develops listening skills. Click to go to the web page Pod cast Click to go to the web page Pod cast
Click to download Flashcard Click to download Flashcards
Phase 4 Phase 5 Phase 6
This phase reinforces what the children have learnt so far and develops their ability apply to reading/ spelling Pod cast coming soon This phase develops spellings and use of suffixes.
Click to download Flashcards

Here are some further free resources to support the learning of phonics at home:
Click to go to the web pagewww.letters-and-sounds.com Click to go to the web pagewww.phonicsplay.co.uk Click to go to the web pagewww.topmarks.co.uk
Click to go to the web pagewww.ictgames.com Click to go to the web pagewww.familylearning.org.uk Click to go to the web pagewww.bbc.co.uk
Click to go to the web pagewww.oxfordowl.co.uk
Printable resources:
Click to go to the web pagejollylearning.co.uk

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