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Parents' Area: Attendance and Absence Procedures
Lethbridge Primary School Guide to Good Attendance

Morning Registration is at 8.40am for KS2 and for KS1 8.50am
After 8.50 am for KS2 and 9.00am for KS1 your child will be marked as late
After 8.50 in KS2, 9.00am in KS1 your child will be marked as U which means late after registers close.

Why is your child absent? Keep us posted!

Phone: 01793 535033
Email: admin@lethbridgeprimary.co.uk

Lethbridge Primary School Attendance Values
At Lethbridge Primary we are committed to providing a happy and fulfilling environment for our pupils to grow and develop. Part of this commitment is to ensure that children are in school and that their attendance is excellent (95% and above) so that it maximises their learning and achievement.

Attendance Pyramid
Guide to good attendance
Attendance Policy

Through our Attendance Policy we aim to:
  • Recognise and reward good attendance and punctuality
  • Monitor and track children's attendance and punctuality
  • Maximise attendance of all pupils and support their achievement in learning
What can you expect from School?
  • The promotion of good attendance
  • Close liaison with the Head Teacher and teachers if there are any concerns with attendance
What do you need to do?
  • Make sure that your child attends school and is on time for school registration (8.40 am for KS1 8.50am for KS2)
  • Let school know if you are experiencing difficulty with attendance
  • Call the school office on 01793 535033 by 9.15am on the day of absence so that we can update registers
  • Notify the school if you intend to remove your child from school permanently and request a withdrawal form from the office
  • To request absence in term time collect a form from the school office AT LEAST two weeks prior to date of planned absence
Authorising Absence
Lethbridge School will only authorise absence for:
  • Medical reasons
  • Illness, if reasons are provided by adults in care of the child
  • Other exceptional circumstances that can only be authorised by the Head Teacher
Lethbridge School will not authorise absence if:
  • No explanation has been made by parent/carer for absence
  • The school is not happy with the explanation provided
  • The child has unexplained absence on their birthday and no valid reason provided
  • The child's attendance level is below 90% with no medical notes
Holidays during term time will only be considered when there are exceptional circumstances or reasons for travel. Such authorisation can only be obtained from the Head Teacher by completing the Absence request form via the School Office. If holiday is taken despite this the absence will be marked as unauthorised which will appear as a G on your child's report.


Read the Traffic Lights!

95% plus attendance - Your childs attendance is good - Keep it up! 97% plus is excellent!

90% - 95% attendance - There is a cause for concern and your child's absence will be monitored by school

Below 90% attendance- There is great concern for the level of absence your child is having. Persistent absence or lateness is having a real impact on your child's learning and you will receive a letter inviting you into school to speak to the Head Teacher regarding this.

On each day of your child's absence if you have not contacted us we will call you and ask why your child is not in school. If by the third day of absence we have not had any reason provided for the absence we will visit your home to discuss this with you. If you still fail to contact us, we will contact the Education Welfare as a matter of urgency.

Attendance policy

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