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New Starters September 2022

Do you have a child starting at our school in September?

Firstly we would like to say a big welcome to Lethbridge Primary School and we look forward to meeting all of you in the near future. To begin with we have set up this page to help communicate with all New Starter parent/carers and to give you as much information as we can at this time.

How can I help my child get ready for school?
Being school ready involves encouraging your child to develop skills which help them to be independent and ready to learn. These skills range from eating and self-care to listening and turn taking.
I'm Ready For School Leaflet.

Road to School readiness Poster
This poster helps you and your child prepare for school, it includes these useful skills you and your child can work on in the lead up to school.
Poster available to buy here
Lethbridge Primary School
View pdf

Here are some other ideas of things you could do to help your child feel ready:
  • Walk past the school so they can see where they are going.
  • Talk about what they are looking forward to.
  • Practise getting dressed in their new uniform.
  • If their name is on a label in their clothes, show them where and what to look for.
  • Is there anything they are worried about?
  • Play games together which practise turn taking or sharing.
  • Play 'schools' together.
  • Give them some words/phrases to help them ask for help from an adult.
  • Practise asking to go to the toilet and going to the toilet themselves.
  • Tell your child what you will be doing while they are at school – so that they don’t worry about you!
Please also see link below to a useful website which gives ideas of how to support your child in the lead up to starting school.

BBC Bitesize also offers some great advice from professionals and some videos you can share with your child.

Also a 'First day at School' game which you may find useful.
Lethbridge Primary School

What is the Lethbridge school uniform?
See the school website link for uniform. We also use the bookbag shown on this link.
Children will also need a named water bottle to use at school during the week.

When can my child visit the school and what class will they be in?
An email will be sent out in due course to invite you and your child to an initial Stay and Play Session at the end of Term 5. You will receive information about class allocation and September start dates in Term 6.

What is it like inside the school?
We are very fortunate at Lethbridge to have a large Early Years unit with lots of areas for the children to explore when they are in school. As an introduction we have only included the main areas your child will use when they first start school in September. Therefore in this tour you will see inside the cloakrooms, toilet areas, Squirrel & Hedgehog Rooms, The Den and our main break time playground. The pictures below the tour are of our lovely outside area which we use all year round.

Lethbridge Primary SchoolLethbridge Primary School
Lethbridge Primary SchoolLethbridge Primary School
Lethbridge Primary School Lethbridge Primary School

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