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The intent of the art curriculum at Lethbridge Primary school is to allow children to build upon their art and creative skills and techniques on year by year basis, with a particular focus upon drawing, painting and 3d/ sculptural work. To support this and to ensure that Art planning by staff, across the different phase groups will allow children to build upon their art skills as they move up the school, an Arts Skills Progression Sheet has been developed by the Art Coordinators.

Although we have a particular focus on the 3 key art skill areas (drawing, painting and 3d sculpture) children are also given the opportunity to experience work in other media throughout their time in Lethbridge (such as collage, printing, textiles and using modern technology –such as iPad, computer software and cameras etc.).

Lethbridge Primary SchoolLethbridge Primary School

When children start in EYFS, children are given the opportunity to explore and experience the use of a wide range of media, materials and techniques. These opportunities are normally linked to the topics that are being covered within the term to deepen cross-curricular connections. When children get to Year 6, we hope that they have gained an insight into the use of a wide range of different techniques, media and materials, as well as seeing and working in the style of a diverse range of artists. We hope that the children can then use this built up knowledge and experience to be confident enough to select the art skills and media that they wish to use when completing art tasks and having the confidence to experiment and combine techniques together in projects that they work on at the end of their school life in Lethbridge.

The use of sketchbooks allow children to record their ideas and record their key research findings and thought processes and is also a place where they can plan their own final pieces of work.

The work completed in the subject aim to fulfil the requirements set in the National Curriculum. By the time the children are ready to leave Lethbridge, we hope that they have developed a greater knowledge and enjoyment of art, as well as a range of skills that they can choose to apply and combine together as they grow older and move on.

We actively build cultural capital at Lethbridge. Children will be given opportunities to learn about a range of different artists from different countries and cultural backgrounds. The artists chosen normally have a direct link to the topic being taught during the term.

Children will learn that art comes in all shapes and forms and that it can be so diverse in nature. By opening the children's eyes to the wonderful world of art in the Lethbridge Primary classroom we are hoping that children develop an interest in the subject as well as develop a personal opinion about the types of work that they like and dislike and open a discussion into the reasons why. Also to show that whatever art ability you have, anyone can produce a piece of work that they can be proud of or that they can improve and make even better, given the knowledge and opportunity.

The appreciation that Lethbridge has for the arts extends to afterschool activities (craft and dance club) as well as taking part in wider community projects (Old Town Festival, Window Wanderland). Also the arts are celebrated in Year group productions and class assemblies.

Lethbridge Primary SchoolLethbridge Primary School

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