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Lethbridge Primary School
Lethbridge Primary School
Curriculum Overview for Lethbridge Primary School
Live, Learn, Achieve

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Values at Lethbridge Primary School
Intent, Implementation, Impact
Term six
Lethbridge Primary School
This term's value is...
Term 1
Respect: KS1
Respect: KS2
Term 2
looks like...
is an act of...
Term 3
looks like...
Term 4
looks like...
Term 5
looks like...
Term 6
looks like...
Each value is introduced to the whole school at the first assembly of each term. Follow up values lessons are taught to each class.
Children are reminded of what the value looks like and sounds like and encouraged to nominate those they see demonstrating the value.
The children’s achievements are recognised and celebrated in our celebration assembly.
Honesty looks like:
Being truthful even though you might get into trouble.
Saying your opinion but in a kind and thoughtful way.
Telling on someone only when necessary.
Acting in a way that others can trust.
Doing what's right, regardless of who’s around.

Honesty sounds like:
'I understand what you’re saying, but I believe that... '
Please Miss can you help, someone is going to hurt themselves or others.
Sorry, I shouldn’t have done / said that.
'I'm sorry, I did it / it was me.'
This is what really happened
Lethbridge Primary School
Responsibility looks like:
Making good decisions.
Accepting the consequences of my actions.
Doing my share of the work.
Taking care of myself and others.
Being in control of my own behaviour
[behaving well when adults are not around]

Responsibility sounds like:
Contributing my ideas in group work.
Saying 'What can I do to help?'
'Let's finish what we started'
'I don't think we should do that'
Lethbridge Primary School
What is courage?

Facing your fears, something unknown or something different with confidence - being brave.

Persevering with something you find difficult and asking for help if you need it - not giving up.

Doing the right thing, even if it is difficult - setting a good example.

Lethbridge Primary School

We are all unique and have something valuable to offer and share.

Tolerance is accepting others and appreciating differences.

Tolerance is accepting others even when they make mistakes.

Tolerance is mutual respect through mutual understanding.
Lethbridge Primary School
Friendship looks like:

Sharing, caring and being kind to others.
Offering to help.
Thinking of the other person before yourself.
Looking out for or supporting others.

Friendship sounds like:
Saying 'Would you like to use it first?'
Saying 'What can I do to make you feel better?'
Friendship is...
Lethbridge Primary School
Respect looks like:
Waiting for your turn in a game.
Waiting to be heard when you have something to say.
Not interrupting to make yourself heard.
Treating others the way you want to be treated.
Showing kindness and consideration.
Looking into someone's eyes.

Respect sounds like:
'You go first, I can wait.'
'We need to wait, now is not the right time.'
'Excuse me please.'
Lethbridge Primary School

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